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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct



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News of War: Code of Conduct


In the interest of upholding the integrity and credibility of our news reporting, especially in the context of conflict where information is crucial and can have significant consequences, News of War commits to a stringent Code of Conduct. Our focus is on delivering news that is not only timely but also accurate, verified, and responsible.

Core Principles

Truth and Accuracy

  1. Commitment to Truth: We shall always strive to report the truth and avoid misleading our audience. All news content must be based on facts that have been meticulously checked.

  2. Verification: Before publication, all information must be verified. We rely on our network of correspondents and contacts to cross-check facts on the ground.

  3. Clarity in Reporting: We commit to providing clear, precise, and understandable reporting, avoiding ambiguity in our news content.



  1. Reliable Sourcing: Our information will only be sourced from established, respected primary sources or international newswires with a track record for reliability.

  2. Primary Sources: Whenever possible, we will use direct accounts from witnessed events, official documents, or statements from qualified experts.

  3. Secondary Sources: If we must rely on secondary sources, they must be reputable and their information must be in agreement with other trusted sources.

  4. Transparency: We will always disclose the nature of our sources to our audience, except in cases where the source's safety could be compromised.


Ethical Reporting

  1. Respect for Persons: We shall respect the dignity and rights of individuals involved in the news, avoiding sensationalism and respecting the privacy and grief of those affected by war.

  2. Non-Discrimination: Our reporting will be free of prejudice or discrimination based on race, gender, religion, or nationality.

  3. Avoiding Harm: We will consider the potential harm that might arise from our reporting and will strive to prevent it.



  1. Responsibility: We hold ourselves accountable for our reporting, willing to correct any errors with the same prominence as the original report.

  2. Impartiality: We shall remain neutral and avoid any actions that could be perceived as taking sides in a conflict.

  3. Continuous Monitoring: We will monitor ongoing situations and update reports as new information becomes available.


Implementation and Compliance

  1. Education: All journalists and staff members will be educated on the Code of Conduct and its importance.

  2. Monitoring: A dedicated committee will monitor compliance with the Code of Conduct.

  3. Reporting Violations: We encourage our staff and the public to report any deviations from this code.

  4. Enforcement: Violations of this code by staff members will be met with appropriate action, including retraction of stories, public corrections, and disciplinary measures.



The News of War takes its role in information dissemination during times of conflict very seriously. This Code of Conduct is our promise to our audience that we will serve the truth with the utmost integrity.

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