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Israeli Air Force Inaugurates Advanced UAV Squadron Amidst Ongoing War

News of War Staff Writer

Israeli Air Force Inaugurates Advanced UAV Squadron Amidst Ongoing War

In a significant boost to its unmanned aerial capabilities, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) unveiled its latest addition, the 147th "Battering Ram" Squadron, at Palmachim Air Force Base last night. The squadron is equipped with the state-of-the-art "Star" unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), marking a pivotal expansion in the UAV forces amidst the backdrop of heightened conflict.

The "Battering Ram" Squadron's inauguration aligns with a broader strategy to enhance the operational flexibility and effectiveness of the IAF's UAV Array.

These UAVs are tasked with executing precision strikes and conducting intelligence-gathering missions across various terrains and conditions, including the southern and northern regions of Israel, as well as in Judea and Samaria. Their operations are critical, running round-the-clock to ensure comprehensive surveillance and response capabilities.

Maj. Gen. Tomer Bar, the Commanding Officer of the Israeli Air Force, emphasised the historic significance of this development during a period he described as a "time of war." Maj. Gen. Bar highlighted the squadron's role in augmenting the force's operational competence, particularly noting its success in neutralising thousands of Hamas operatives. The UAV Array's around-the-clock readiness and adaptability have been instrumental in the conflict, demonstrating unparalleled operational effectiveness.

Brig. Gen. Omri Dor, Commanding Officer of the Palmachim Air Force Base, also commented on the UAV Array's critical role in the IAF's operations. The UAVs have been at the vanguard of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions, supporting ground forces through aerial footage capture and precision strikes. Brig. Gen. Dor lauded the UAV Array's rapid adaptation and close coordination with ground operations, underscoring its professionalism and deep-seated partnership with the army's terrestrial forces.

This expansion of the UAV forces underlines Israel's commitment to maintaining its technological edge and operational supremacy in a region beset by conflict. The 147th Squadron's introduction into the IAF's arsenal represents a leap forward in leveraging unmanned systems for comprehensive intelligence and combat operations, bolstering the country's defensive and offensive capabilities amidst ongoing tensions.


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